VLSI Conference
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: "Delivering 10X Design Improvements" by Dr. Walden C. Rhines, CEO, Mentor Graphics


Time and time again, escalating complexity has threatened to derail the IC industry from the extraordinary 35% annual reduction in transistor pricing it has enjoyed the past 40+ years. Fortunately, in each and every instance, creative engineers and companies have seen this as a challenge and opportunity to innovate. As a result, the electronic design automation industry has repeatedly delivered order of magnitude improvements in every aspect of the IC design cycle for over three decades.

Today, the exponential rise in complexity has quickened its pace as the industry moves toward adoption of 28 nm and below. Dr. Wally Rhines will discuss how in the next five years, 10X improvements in design methodologies are needed in four principal areas: high-level system design, verification, embedded software development, and back-end physical design and test. He will provide a roadmap for the next wave of changes needed to successfully negotiate rising complexity, highlighting where they will most likely occur.